Who are UKAR?

UKAR is simply short-hand for UK Asset Resolution Limited.

We were established by the Government in October 2010, and work on behalf of the UK taxpayer, helping to manage the mortgages of NRAM and Bradford & Bingley since they closed to new business. We’re not here to sell anything, we’re here to lend a listening ear and provide all our customers with the support and guidance they need to plan for a more financially secure future.

We’re focused on delivering a service that treats everyone fairly and gives support to those customers who need it most.

And our aim? To help our customers keep up to date with mortgage payments and be in a position to either pay off their mortgage in full, or move it to another lender.

Based in West Yorkshire and the North East, and with more than 1,900 colleagues working at our main sites, UKAR are making a positive impact on the lives of our customers, whilst maximising value for the UK taxpaying public.


Releasing our potential

On Wednesday 4 May 2016, we announced that we have signed contracts to transfer the mortgage servicing operations to Computershare – the part of our business that provides day-to-day support for all of our customers. This transaction will return this part of UKAR to the private sector, creating opportunities for colleagues within the UK’s largest dedicated mortgage servicing business and enabling UKAR to offer interesting, rewarding and challenging opportunities for colleagues.

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